English Program 2023



Tuesday May 23   7 – 8.30 pm  Gelnhausen
Evening Talk
Rinpoche will discuss “Generosity of Spirit” and how to skillfully hold a good outlook on life and an open heart in the face of challenges. Come learn proven Buddhist strategies for living in a skillful way in the troubled world.
Suggested donation 5 – 20 Euros
Tai Chi Schule Wu Bian Fu, Zum Wartturm 5, 63571 Gelnhausen
Info: Palden  Tel: 01765 5634223

Mail: palden27 at yahoo.de

Wednesday May 24   7 – 8.30 pm   Steinau-Ulmbach
Evening Talk

Real healing of pain must include healing the heart, the seat of the mind and connection to our spiritual nature. A negative issue can be resolved by a better perceptual response, a change in behaviour and thinking. Learn how to heal the heart with the help of proven Buddhist transformative teachings.
Suggested donation  5 – 20 Euros
International Heart 2 Heart Center, Oberdorfstr. 5a, 36396 Steinau-Ulmbach
Info: Palden  Tel: 01765 5634223
Mail: palden27 at yahoo.de

Friday May 28   6pm – Friday June 2nd 2pm   Retreat Center  Kuckucksnest (near Fulda)
LIFE AFTER SUFFERING (with Green Light set of empowerments)

Enlightenment is the next step on our evolutionary journey. After awakening we would have an understanding of how things exist and see reality as it is. What will life be like after awakening to reality? How will we relate to our friends and family in a new way? How will it feel to be enlightened? Join Rinpoche for this introduction to a new way of life.
At the beginning of this retreat Rinpoche will bestow empowerment into the Green Light tantric meditation practice, as well as Medicine Buddha, White Tara and Buddha Shakyamuni.
The Green Light Practice is a Highest Yoga Tantra Practice specially formulated for the western mind. It avoids stimulating the western training in fantasy and leads to inner transformation based on compassion.
Lovely retreat center in the heart of Germany.
Retreat fee 200 – 500 Euro, depending on income
Cost for 7 nights – food and lodging  427 Euros  per person,
Booking and Info: Palden   Tel: 1765 563 4223

Mail: palden27 at yahoo.de
(Prebooking required)

Zoom participation possible, please book here: https://www.white-conch.org/product/life-after-suffering-german-retreat-on-zoom/
Zoom Price   350.00 US Dollar

Sunday June 4    1 pm – 6 pm  Gelnhausen
Annual Healing Ceremony

The Medicine Buddha is a powerful healing force in our world. This seminar is suitable for healers and those who are in need of healing, as well as for Buddhists or non-Buddhists.
It is highly recommended to participate each year in this very effective annual healing event.
Rinpoche will acquaint us with the power of the Medicine Buddha and his blessing. She will say prayers for us and conduct a healing ceremony.
We will be lying down to rest or sleep while Rinpoche is doing the prayers.
One does not need to be Buddhist to participate.
Suggested donation 50 – 120 Euros
Tai Chi Schule Wu Bian Fu, Zum Wartturm 5, 63571 Gelnhausen
ooking and Info: Palden   Tel: 1765 563 4223
Mail: palden27 at yahoo.de
(Prebooking required)

Tuesday June 6   7pm    Oldenburg  
Evening talk
Rinpoche will teach how to deal with fear. After overcoming fear and worry,  we will feel safe and supported, and have enthusiasm for life. Boundless enthusiasm is a hallmark of the enlightened state.
Suggested donation 5 – 20 Euros
PFL Oldenburg, Peterstr. 3, 26121 Oldenburg
Info: Kipu    Mail: be.me.wah at gmx.de

Wednesday  June 7     3.30 – 5pm   Aurich
Afternoon Talk
Rinpoche will be speaking at the Palliative Care Day, Northwest, and talk about the most important moment in our life, the grand transition into another form of being.
Followed by art exhibition and music on the theme of spiritual end-of-life care.
Donations welcome
Energie-Erlebnis-Zentrum, Osterbusch 2, 26607 Aurich
Info and Booking: Andrina Oberhaus
Tel.: 0491-96099940    Mobile: 0173-2182874
Mail: A.Oberhaus at pct-ostfriesland.de


Friday June 9     7.30 – 9pm   Bremen

Hospice Talk

Hospice work requires a lack of impatience and not feeling inconvenienced by the many distractions as we provide care.  Rinpoche will teach how to cultivate patience from a Buddhist point of view.
Suggested donation 5 – 20 Euros
Altes Fundamt, Auf den Kuhlen 1a, 28203 Bremen
Info: Matthias Jung Tel: 0421 701077
Mail: jung_matthias at gmx.de


Rinpoche’s talks will be translated into German.